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Fake Diploma can be ordered with actual embossed gold emblems.   Our emblems are specific to the type of diploma you would order.  For example, if you are ordering a high school diploma, you'll see only those emblems appropriate for high schools. 


Note that we offer every state in the USA.  We offer a number of international emblems.

Here are some samples.


USA State Seals - we have all 50 states.  Here are a few examples.  These are great for fake high school diplomas.  They lend a lot of credibility and is obviously nothing that the average Joe could do on his home computer.  These are real, embossed gold adhesive-back emblems.


Or, if you want something a little different, how about our own "Department of Education" embossed gold emblem for your fake diploma.


Fake state seals are not the only thing you can have on your fake diploma.  How about one that says, "Official Seal of the College" or "Official Seal of the University".  Great for your fake college diploma or fake university diploma whether your are in the USA or international.



For fake high school diplomas, we have gold embossed emblems that say "Official Seal of the High School" and "Seal of the High School Graduate".



Or, we have fake embossed emblems that say, "The Official Seal of the Registrar", "Official Seal of the Registrar United Kingdom" and "Official Seal of the Registrar Canada".


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